Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is all about collecting imformation on a person. It starts collecting early in life and is there even after you die. I tried looking me up on google after learning a lot of people can be found on there. When I looked me I found many people with my name but none of the imformation there was actually me.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela

Both of the people were great men that fought for something important here are similarities and differences.
Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. have lots in common. Both were black men who had been being treated wrong. They each had a college degree and managed to get a Nobel Peace Prize.
There were not too many differences between the two. They were not around during the same times. Nelson Mandel had also gone to prison.

Modern Hero

I think that doctors are modern heroes. Doctors and people who work in ambulances are heroes because they save lives. Many of them save thousands of people and without them they would be sick or could maybe die. These are who I think of when i think about our modern heroes.

Qualities of a Hero

There are many things that can make a hero. Here are some……

Sacrifice (forfite of something highly valued for someone considered to have a greater value or claim)

Determination (the wanting to do something enough to go through with your choice all the wsy)

Courage (bravery)

Selflessness (not being selfish)

Focused (to concentrate)

The Face On The Milk Carton

By the way this is the third summary about the book. I missed the first one…. Well on to the book. Janie asked her parents all these questions like why don’t I have any baby pictures or a birth certificate, so they told her that they were her grandparents not her parents. Janie’s real mother Hannah left her with them when she was little because she was caught up in a cult, and she had been running from them and wanted to go back. The information they gave her wasn’t enough and Janie knew there was more to her story because she had been having cold sweats at night and day mares about her real family. One day her and Reeve drove to New Jersey and looked up Springs. There was no Hannah.